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Double-Hung Windows

The double-hung window is the most common style of window available. Consisting of two window sashes (upper and lower), both of which independently slide up and down.  Double-hung windows are used in nearly all residential construction. The Precision Millworks’ double-hung window is an energy efficient, quality product that is built to last.  We produce complete window units for new construction and sash replacement kits for restorations and renovations. Rot replacement parts are also available.

Our double-hung windows are built using ENVIROGUARD™ technology to ensure lasting quality.  Our ENVIROGUARD windows are no rot and are made using the highest quality cellular PVC.  Unlike wood, ENVIROGUARD windows won’t peel, splinter, decay, or absorb moisture and they are impervious to insects. Unlike flimsy vinyl windows, ENVIROGUARD windows are sturdy, won’t bend, and are paintable. ENVIROGUARD windows offer greater strength and durability over wood and vinyl windows and have enhanced screw-holding power.  PVC windows have a traditional curb-side appeal and complement any architectural style of home.  Our products are proudly made in the U.S.A and are backed up by the craftsmanship of our American workforce with our industry-leading 20 and 25 year warranties.

Trusted window manufacturer
Quality PVC Windows Made in the USA, no rot ENVIROGUARD, awarding winning design

Terminology for window parts. Name of window parts.


Made in the USA

Manufactured with American Pride and Craftsmanship
with USA Made Materials


Complete Window Units for New Construction

No Rot Double Hung Windows by Precision Millworks


No Rot Double Hung Windows by Precision Millworks


Wood Windows from Precision Millworks


Window are available at different price points to suite different needs and budgets:

  1. BT30 Series 300 is our premium, performance window
    •  Sash made of 100% PVC.
    •  Smooth operation Block and Tackle balance system allows for ease of operation and increased durability.
  2.  Series 100 and the Series 200 windows are our mid-performance (100) and budget friendly (200) models.
    • Series 100 sash made of 100% PVC.
    • Series 200 sash made of wood.
    • Compression balance system for opening and closing.

Configuration and Styling Options

The following options and configurations are available whether you are doing new construction and require a complete window kit or if you are doing a renovation or a remodel and will be selecting replacement windows.

Grille and Grid Light Arrangement

Window styles for double hung windows:Colonial, Traditional, Prairie, Mission, Arts & Crafts, Diamond, Craftsman, Custom

Precision Millworks offers several standard grid pattern designs and styles for our double-hung windows including: colonial, prairie, mission, art & crafts, diamond, craftsman.  Custom grid patterns are also available.  We can build what you can imagine and design.  Contact any of our qualified dealers to ask about a quote for a custom designed window.

Simulated Divided Light

Achieve improved energy efficiency with while maintaining a timeless appearance with Simulated Divided Light (SDL). SDL grilles are placed on top of the glass and not between the panes of glass. SDL grilles are permanently adhered and are placed on both the interior and exterior sides of the window. The grid/grilles (also know as the muntin pattern) can be applied in virtually any configuration.  If you don’t see the style you’d like in any of our standard options shown above, one of our professional dealers can help you create a quote for a custom window design.

Simulated Divided Light Windows
Diagonal pattern window grid made with ENVIROWOOD
Application of exterior window muntin
SDL with light filler GBG bar
Muntin Grill Profile, traditional putty glaze look

Putty Glaze Profile

Muntin Grill Profile, traditional style

Traditional Profile

Muntin Grill Profile, square

True Light Filler *

* The true light filler is optional and can be used in combination with the putty glaze or the traditional profiles.  A 5/8″ black strip is placed inside of the glass (GBG) to fill the light gap between the two exterior muntin bars.  Blocking out nearly all the passive light, GBG is the most accurate facsimile of true divided light with all the benefits of SDL.

Grille Between the Glass

The grille between the glass (GBG) configuration means that the grille is installed between the two panes of glass. By sandwiching the grille between the two panes, this configuration has a classic appearance from a distance, but is an easy to clean option because both the exterior and interior sides are smooth glass.

Interior Muntin Grill Profile, traditional

Traditional Contour Profile

Muntin Grill Profile, square

Square Profile

True Divided Light

Our custom millwork heritage enables us to create beautiful windows with true divided light (TDL).  TDL window frames are made of wood, not PVC like our ENVIROGUARD™ Series of windows and they do not have the same warranty.  They are made with single strength glass and putty glaze.  A model is available that uses insulated glass where the wood sticking is applied to the exterior and interior sides. If you’ve been dreaming about a custom designed window or simply want a historically accurate window either for a restoration or new construction, contact us today for a custom window quote.

Crafted Like the Past, Built to Last

Finishes and Colors

Painting ENVIROGUARD™ Windows

Example of L value scale (LRV)

Double-hung windows made of PVC and with PVC components must be painted for the warranty to be valid–we recommend light paint colors.  On the LRV value scale, black = 0 and white = 100, a value of 57 or higher should be used.  Dark paint colors can cause thermal expansion.  Painting with dark paint colors will forfeit the product warranty.  For further information, please refer to the warranty details.

Learn more about painting and care.

ENVIROWOOD™ Stainable PVC Interiors

ENVIROWOOD stainable window with durable PVC

Hardware Finishes

Window Hardware, White


Window Hardware, Bronze


Split Sash

Windows with split sash PVC and woodPrecision Millworks builds custom windows with a split sash–known also as a wood composite.  The outside of the window is PVC for maximum durability and the inside is natural wood for the aesthetics.  Paint grade or stain grade wood is used on the interior–specialty species of wood including fir, oak, mahogany, and others are available by request.  These or any other custom window must be requested through our quote system. Request a quote for a custom designed window.

Glass Options

LoĒ²-270, LoĒ³-366, with or without Argon fill.  Learn about Window Glass Efficiency.

Glass finishes: Tinted glass, obscure glass, tempered glass and other designer glass styles are also available.


Window Screen Options

Screen options for windows include: standard, high visibility, pet resistant, and more.  White or Bronze Framed Insect Screens available.


With over 20 standard case moulding styles to choose from made out of our ENVIROGUARD™ material, there is an interior casing and exterior brick mould to match almost any architectural style.  Our more popular interior casings include 1 x 4 casing with backband and 1 x 6 casing.


Tilt Lock Combo™

Window locking mechanism for tilt and lock
Close-up picture of TLC tilt-lock-combo hardware

Available only for the BT30 Series 300 windows, the TLC (Tilt Lock Combo), looks good and has improved function making window operation a breeze. This innovative design was awarded the 2017 Crystal Achievement Award for Most Innovative Window Component.
Crystal Achievement Award Winner for Innovative Window Design

  • Seamless operation for lock/un-lock and tilt.
  • Internalized tilt control mechanism.
  • Sleek design with easy to use hardware.
  • Less visible hardware for a cleaner non-obtrusive appearance with both surface mounted tilt latches eliminated.
  • Recessed locks instead of surface mounted.
  • Powder Coated Zinc locks and keepers.
  • Easier to Clean.

Standard EZ-Tilt™

Standard lock and tilt mechanism and hardware

Our standard lock and tilt mechanism known as the EZ-Tilt™,  is an economical choice.  This configuration has been the standard in window operation and is a good choice for consumer who want a straightforward, yet economical choice for the operation of their windows.

Anatomy of a
Complete Window Unit
for New Construction

Cutaway image of the parts of an window with labels
Rot proof windows and millwork with Precision Millwork's ENVIROGUARD

The ENVIROGUARD™ Complete Window Units have:

  1.   Sloped sill and sill nosing that are made of 100% PVC.
  2.  Exterior Brick Mold that is made of 100% PVC.
  3.  Insulated glass that improves energy efficiency.
  4.  A light commercial rating (134 mph).  Coastal versions are available (request information about our BT50 Series of Windows).
  5.  Finger lifts on both the top and bottom sash to assist in opening and closing the window.
  6.  All of our ENVIROGUARD™ products are paintable.
  7. Standard dimensions of:
    • 4 9/16″ standard jamb width. (Other jamb widths are available upon request.)
    • 1/2″ tall dams


These charts contains all standard size configurations for the ENVIROGUARD™ double-hung single unit and multi-unit windows. Don’t see the unit size you need? No problem, let us know the window size you need and we will make them to your specs.

Single Unit Sizes

Multi-Unit Sizes

Energy Ratings

The energy efficiency of Precision Millworks windows is independently tested by an outside lab.  The results of these tests are reported using an industry standard scale.  By using this information, consumers can reliably compare one product with another, and make informed decisions about the windows they buy.For greater comfort, your windows should keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and keep out the wind and resist condensation.

Super Spacer® Warm Edge 3/4” thick double strength, insulated clear glass with Super Spacer Warm Edge Technology to dramatically minimize energy loss, condensation, and noise.


The HIGHER the better. The higher the R-Value, the better the window conserves thermal energy inside the house. R-Value is a measure for how much resistance there is for thermal energy leaving or entering a home. Windows help preent thermal energy from escaping; therefore, help conserve the energy used to heat or cool a home or commercial building.


The LOWER the better. The lower the U-Factor, the better the window is at keeping heat inside the house. U-factor measures how well a product prevents heat from escaping. The rate of heat loss is indicated in terms of the U-factor (U-value) of a window assembly. U-Factor ratings generally fall between 0.20 and 1.20. The lower the U-value, the greater a window’s resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating value.

Learn more about energy efficiency.


2.1 R Value
.48 U Value


.00061 R Value
1.62 U Value

Rigid PVC

.69-.98 R Value
1.02-1.45 U Value

White Pine

1.3 R Value
.78 U Value

Replacement Window Kits & Parts

Replacement Parts

Rotten window parts or broken components? Precision Millworks produces ENVIROGUARD™ window components for rot replacement.


Info Sheet (BT-30)

Product information for Precision Millwork's BT30 Premium Window

Warranty (BT-30)

Warranty information for Precision Millworks, ENVIROGUARD Products, Updated September 15, 2019


Window Installation Instructions

Info Sheet (200)

Product information for Precision Millwork's BT30 Premium Window

Warranty (200)

Warranty Information for Precision Millworks, Wood Windwo Product, Updated September 15, 2019

Precision Millworks Warranties:
20 years for seal failure on double pane windows
25 years for all PVC parts on our ENVIROGUARD™ Series windows


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