The ENVIROGUARD™ Difference

Precision Millworks ENVIROGUARD™ is affordable quality you can depend on. Our ENVIROGUARD products are constructed with the highest quality cellular PVC. Superior to both wood and vinyl. PVC windows look great and complements any style of home. ENVIROGUARD is strong, well-built, durable, and will last. ENVIROGUARD products are no rot: that’s no rot windows, no rot columns, no rot millwork.

Precision Millworks pioneered the use of cellular PVC for double-hung and casement windows. Cellular PVC is the high-energy-saving, no-rot alternative to wood and vinyl and other window and millwork materials. Today this technological breakthrough is the preferred choice and represents the majority of our customer orders. Unlike wood windows, ENVIROGUARD windows won’t peel, splinter, decay, or absorb moisture and they have enhanced screw-holding power. Unlike flimsy vinyl windows, ENVIROGUARD windows provide for more glass space, are paintable, and more substantial.

Impervious to rot and insects, ENVIROGUARD cellular PVC is our standard exterior on all of our specialty millwork. Our ENVIROGUARD Window Series of double-hungs, casements, radius, and custom millwork feature windows that are not only pleasing to the eye but also durable.

With our roots in the custom specialty millwork business, ENVIROGUARD™ combines old-world craftsmanship with state-of-the art technology.

Why are Cellular PVC windows better than Vinyl Windows?

Durability and Strength

Vinyl replacement windows are very common and are built using components made of polyvinyl chloride (also known as PVC).  Polyvinyl chloride is a combination of different chemicals, plasticizers and pigments and is commonly used to make plumbing pipes, electrical pipes, and many other plastic items.  Window components for vinyl replacement windows are extruded and contain hollow chambers.  Extruded hollow vinyl features a foam or cell-structure inside.  The hollow chambers make for a lighter product and easier production because the components are easier to weld together.  However, these thinner extruded vinyl windows are more apt to warp.  The also have a thinner profile and operationally can feel stiff.

Cellular PVC windows are also made from polyvinyl chloride, but through a different type of manufacturing process the components are made with a solid core.   This adds strength and rigidity to the product that improves operation and also gives the windows a better appearance.   The window components (brickmould, sill, jamb, and sash rails) used to manufacture these windows have the same profile as wood and look exactly like wood but without the downfalls of wood rot and warp.  Cellular PVC can be nailed, sawn, and fabricated just like wood too because of its solid core make it a flexible building product.

Glass Space

replacement window kitOne major factor to consider when using vinyl replacement window is loss of glass space and therefore loss of light coming in.

When you are replacing windows and you first remove the old window, you are left with the original framed opening.  Vinyl replacement windows only come as a complete framed window, which means there’s an outer frame along with the sill and the brickmold, as well as the components like the track and the sashes that make the window operational. You insert the new window directly into the opening, but it’s like putting a box into a box.  Therefore you have less glass space.  It can be significant, sometime removing an inch or more  on all four sides.

When you install a Precision Millworks ENVIROGUARD™ PVC replacement window, the replacement kit consists of the track, the sashes, and some trim and finishing pieces.  The track is installed onto the original framed opening and then the sashes are put in.  Because you’re not added an additional frame, you maintain, if not improve the glass space you had over the original window.

Vinyl replacement windows have to come as a framed kit because the individual components aren’t strong enough to be installed the way our replacement windows are.

Finishing Options

Vinyl replacement windows come in two interior colors, white and almond/tan. They are not manufactured to be painted. Cellular PVC windows can be painted to match your interior trim. Vinyl windows will never have to be painted. However, your color choices are limited and the color you choose will be your only future option. Once painted, cellular PVC windows require minimal maintenance and can be re-painted if you change your color scheme.

Architectural Style

Vinyl replacement windows do not look like wood where Cellular PVC windows have the same architectural moldings as traditional wood windows and the same heft.

Why are Cellular PVC windows better than Wood Windows?

Our ENVIROGUARD product lines have all the natural characteristics of wood, including great appearance–without wood’s shortcomings. They won’t peel, splinter, decay, absorb moisture–and have enhanced screw-holding power.


Cellular PVC Window Pine Window
Average Density 0.50 0.43
Screw Holding Face 298# 293#
Edge 268# 231#
Water Absorption (%) = 1.0 15-35

Our ENVIROGUARD Series of windows uses 100% PVC for sash, sill and exterior parts of our standard-sized and custom-built windows for protection against the elements. Our ENVIROGUARD product lines have all the natural characteristics of wood, including great appearance–without wood’s shortcomings. They won’t peel, splinter, decay, absorb moisture–and have enhanced screw-holding power.

Innovating to Deliver Superior Products and Service

We set the standard for innovation in the specialty millwork industry. We were first to:

  1. Bring the latest technologies to specialty millwork
  2. Use cellular PVC on exterior of windows
  3. Have our windows tested and rated by nationally recognized labs for energy efficiency and strength.
  4. Establish 10 or fewer days’ lead time
  5. Turn around quotes in 90 minutes or less

We are still the industry innovator, constantly striving to improve our products and service. No one makes as many significant investments in innovation as we do, including:

Research, Development and Testing

We strive to stay ahead of the market structurally and environmentally. Our windows have earned Energy Star ratings, are AAMA- and NFRC-certified, and exceed building code requirements for wind and water resistance in markets we serve across the nation.


Cutting-edge machinery and technology make us as efficient as possible, which means shorter lead times and other flexibility.


Knowing at a glance exactly where your order is at all times during the manufacturing process helps make sure it will be delivered on time.


We own 18-wheelers with state-of-the-art, air-suspension systems and use our own drivers to ensure products arrive in the same defect-free condition as when they leave our mills.

Complete Line of Products

Precision Millworks makes affordable, quality building products for use in residential and commercial construction projects that compliments any architectural style.  We are a national manufacturer of windows, columns, and custom millwork with dealers located throughout the United States.   Review our catalog of products and find your local dealer.

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