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We manufacture and assemble our windows in our factory located in Cumming, Georgia. Since 1989, we have been building our windows using American craftsmanship and ingenuity. Our teams’ experience, training, professionalism and pride in creating the best product possible result in unmatched craftsmanship. It is through our commitment to hard work that we continue to innovate to provide for our customers the quality products they expect.

We know that families and business rely on our products. It’s important to us to make our products in the USA to ensure our customers have peace of mind knowing that the products they are using in their home are made responsibly and ethically. We stand by our products and have some of the best warranties in the industry because of this. We warranty glass against seal failure for 20 years and our PVC components used in our ENVIROGUARD components for 25 years. For us it’s personal. The relationship we have with our dealers is strong, because they know that we stand by our word.

For us, it’s a family affair. The Bowline family has built the Precision business based on a simple principle, conduct business in an ethical way, build a quality product, and stand by it. We pride ourselves on a 99+% customer satisfaction rating and the fact that the majority of our dealers have been selling our products for over a decade. Why would they put their reputation on the line and carrier an inferior product?  The answer is, they wouldn’t.Bailey Bowline IV, VP Precision Millworks

W. Bailey Bowline, CEO Precision Millworks

Trusted Partners

Our strong partnerships with premium suppliers of raw materials allow us to use the best quality components.

Our Line of Made in the USA Building Products

Precision Millworks makes quality building products for new construction and renovation projects that have industry leading warranties.

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