Components and Parts of a Double Hung Window

Window Parts

There are over 100 components in every window, but here are the top 10 most common window parts referenced when window shopping:

Head: the horizontal frame forming the top of the window.

Upper Sash: the assembly of stiles and rails made into a frame to hold the glass. (The upper sash will slide up and down in a double-hung window, but will not move in a single-hung window.)

Jamb: the main vertical frame forming the sides of the window.

Brick Mould (exterior): Outside casing around window to cover jambs and through which nails are driven to install the window.

Casing (interior): Inside casing is a flat, decorative moulding that covers the inside edge of the jambs and the rough openings between the window unit and the wall.

Muntin Bar (Grid or Grille) – any small bar that divides the window glass (panes). Muntins can either be true divided light or simulated divided light.

True divided light: A term that refers to windows in which multiple individual panes of glass or lights are assembled in the sash using muntins.

Simulated divided light: A method of constructing windows in which muntins are affixed to the inside and outside of a panel of insulating glass to simulate the look of true divided light.

Rail – the horizontal part of the sash

Lower Sash – the assembly of stiles and rails made into a frame to hold the glass.

Stile – the vertical part of the sash

Glazing – The glass panes or lights in the sash of a window. Also the act of installing lights of glass in a window sash.

Sill – the main horizontal frame forming the bottom of the window (on the outside of the window).

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