To fix a faulty window sash was once a costly, messy, lengthy and intrusive process. Now, with the ENVIROGUARD™ Block & Tackle sash replacement kit, we offer a faster, easier, cleaner and more affordable way to replace a window sash on double-hung windows. Sash kits can eliminate the need for a complete window unit which greatly reduces your overall cost. The BT30 sash kit meets the demand of today’s consumers and their architectural desires.

How? The ENVIROGUARDSash Replacement Kit enables homeowners to simply replace the sash and not the entire window unit*, keeping cost and mess to a minimum.  Replacement time is also minimized from hours to just minutes per window.

Impervious to rot and insects, the ENVIROGUARD™ BT30 block and tackle double-hung replacement sash kit is not only an affordable and easy way to replace windows*, but they are also beautiful and durable. Constructed with the highest quality cellular PVC, our sash replacement units have all the natural characteristics of wood, including great appearance–without the shortcomings of wood. They won’t rot, peel, splinter, decay, nor absorb moisture.  Unlike vinyl windows, our cellular PVC double hung sash kits can be painted, look like real wood, and offer more glass space.

Replacement windows come in all shapes and sizes. The Precision Millworks line of products includes:

Double-Hung Replacement Windows
Double-Hung to Casement Conversions
Radius, Round & Arched Windows
Fixed & Picture Windows

*Assumes that the window frame is not rotted and still structurally sound.